College Courses for the Real World

University of Delaware: Changing the World and Public Policy
Everyone wants to change the world in one way or another. But it seems that as time goes on, too many things get in the way of certain goals and dreams. This course focuses on a wide variety of relevant politics, as well as asking the broad question: “Can you get a job, AND make a difference?” The subject material revolves around the student’s perspective of the world, and gives great life lessons all while counting towards your GPA.


Ohio State University: Parenting
In today’s day and age, many guides and technologies exist to help teach our society better ways to parent, but do all those products really help? As a high level course, this college course takes philosophical approaches towards mastering this ancient occupation. Finally, a class that answers students’ famous question: “How will I ever use this in the real world?”

Colorado State University: Death, Dying and Grief
This seemingly gloomy class focuses on the processes that lead to death, but in addition to this, also actually applies its knowledge towards teaching students how to deal with grief.

Wellesley College: Self and world: Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology
Many counselors and advisors suggest that each student should at least take one philosophy course while in college. Many philosophy courses help teach students a new way of thinking and reasoning. While this course may just sound like a more complex general philosophy course, it actually focuses on issues such as the relation between mind and body and the existence of God. In addition to certain unique areas of its curriculum, the course instructors specifically encourage students to develop and express their own opinions on each subject.

University of Connecticut: Cinema and Society in Contemporary Italy
This course focuses on analyzing Italian society as shown through its media and literature throughout its history. The logic applied through this course actually seems very interesting, and every student review seemed to revere the class as one of the best they’ve ever had. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be showing this college movie.

Stanford University: Self Theories
College can be a very confusing time and place in a student’s life. Many people have no idea what they want in a career or where they want to be in ten years. Most students don’t even know who they are as a person. This course revolves around a person’s belief in themselves. The course connects a person’s confidence and self worth to their performance in academics, sports and even relationships. On top of all of that, it also offers different methods to change and develop these beliefs!

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