Halloween Breakdown of Scary Movies

Yay! October! It’s getting colder and it is officially the Halloween month. This means costumes, candy and of course- scary movies! Who doesn’t love grabbing a big bowl of candy and watching scary movies until you have to sleep with the lights on? But the struggle is, which scary movie do you want to watch? This is my list of scary movies to watch this October. I broke them down into the following categories: Sort of Watching, Sort of Not, Watching Without Losing Sleep and Never Sleeping Again.


Sort of Watching, Sort of Not

These are the movie suggestions for when you want to watch a scary movie, or have one on, while you’re doing something else. So these are scary movies that you don’t have to be 100% invested in to enjoy.



The Scream movies are gold. And I am in no way trying to diss them, but they don’t require a lot of concentration. Basic slasher film. Except they’re making fun of slasher films without being boisterous like the “Scary Movie” movies. These movies are nice to watch when you know your attention can’t be entirely focused on the movie. The first movie was the best, but I also recommend the fourth if you want to laugh during the movie.

Paranormal Activity


These movies, like the aforementioned, are ones you don’t have to completely watch to understand. This series of movies are ghost movies based more on jump scares, which is great, especially for dates when you want to talk a little but also watch a scary movie. I recommend the first and second Paranormal Activity.

Watching Without Losing Sleep

These are the movies that will scare you while you’re watching, but not enough to freak you out after its over. You will still be able to rest easy with the lights off at night.



It had to be on this list somewhere. One of the most famous horror films of all time. Michael Meyers is on a mission to kill his whole family (this mission changes as you get further into the series and the writers run out of ideas). The first movie is the one I recommend, although Halloween: H2O holds a special place in my heart.

The Shining


One of my favorite Stephen King movies, even though he hates it. An alcoholic father takes his wife and son to a hotel to take care of in the winter. Cabin fever, anyone? A great movie that keeps you interested and freaked out but not enough to make you sleep with the lights on.

Never Sleeping Again

These are movies that terrified me and made me sleep with the lights on and the door open. *Disclosure* these are movies that scared me personally, but everyone’s fears are different.

The Woman In Black


Only the first one. I watched it because Dan Radcliffe was in it, and ended up losing a lot of sleep. There’s not really jump scares, the movie scares you more from your anticipation of what happens next. Dan Rad goes to an old house to take care of a clients paper work after he’s passed away, only to encounter something really freaky.



I don’t know what happened to these people when they were younger, but their minds come up with the scariest stuff. The makers also did Sinister, which was an equally terrifying movie. A young son falls into a coma, and while under horrifying spirits try to take his soul. Seriously, horrifying. Watch it.

I hope this post gave you some ideas of what movies to watch as we enter Halloween season. Enjoy, and always remember the movies aren’t real! Or are they?…

Offensive Halloween Costumes, the Dos and Do Nots

Let’s talk about what may qualify as an offensive Halloween costume. I will tell you a personal experience to give you an idea what might be considered taking it too far.

In fall of 2010, I was firmly sitting atop of the world. I had pledged one of the best houses on campus, my female peers were staring to notice me, and like every other freshman on campus that October, I was eagerly anticipating my first college Halloween party. When we got to the affair, the drinks were flowing and the music was pumping as sexy nurses mingled with vampires. Of all of the costumes we saw that night, a handful of them stood out. There was one guy dressed as pimp and another dressed in orange prison attire as a convict. These costumes would be commonplace for a Halloween party with the exception of one little detail; the guys in the costumes painted their faces black. Two weeks, one very uncomfortable campus rally attended by seemingly every black student on campus and tons of bad press later, my fraternity found itself on a seven month suspension.

offensive Halloween costume - 1

Anytime a party calls for a costume, there is always a possibility that someone is going to do something offensive. While culturally insensitive costumes aren’t exactly a new concept, it is kind of baffling why in 2014, given all of the very public and very embarrassing incidents we have seen, students continue to offend. Yet, whether it’s the 2012 Mexican Party hosted by the Penn State Chi Os, the self-titled “Racist Rager” put on by Duke’s Kappa Sigma chapter in 2013 or the CMT vs. BET soiree presented by the Phi Deltas and Phi Sigs earlier this year at McDaniel College, it would seem that cultural insensitivity is alive and well. Perhaps I give people too much credit.offensive Halloween costume - 2

Trying to get to the root of these issues is difficult as there are many “excuses” and “explanations” given. There is the tried and true “I wasn’t trying to be offensive”, which in a lot of cases, I tend to believe. Call me naive, but I like to think my fellow man wouldn’t intentionally participate in harmful behavior. The problem with this excuse however, is that it is usually given in order to absolve one of any responsibility for their actions. However regardless of intention, the damage is still done.

offensive Halloween costume - 3There is also the “I did it to give my costume a sense of realism”. I’m almost sure that is what Dancing With The Stars’ Julianne Hough was shooting for when she donned black face to go along with the orange jumpsuit and bantu knots of her Crazy Eyes costume (from Orange is the New Black). This “attention to detail” is usually not warranted.

And let us not forget the “Come on dude, I’m just trying to joke around” crowd. You know them; they were the once who painted bullet wounds on their hoodies last year while holding a can of Arizona Ice Tea and a pack of Skittles. And thank goodness that we had these merry jokesters to help bring humor to the slaying of Trayvon Martin; I don’t know how I would have otherwise coped.

Halloween does not have to be a time of ignorance, hurt feelings and university sanctions. With the smallest bit of commonsense, a lot of these mishaps can be avoided. Because I know how much this blog just loves a good list, I present: The Number One Tip For Not Offending People This Halloween.

offensive Halloween costume -41. If your costume portrays a racial, ethnic, religious, LGBT or cultural stereotype, DO NOT WEAR IT. You will regret being the one who showed up in an offensive Halloween costume!

Have a happy Halloween y’all.

How To Do Halloween Right in College

Well everyone, I am very happy to announce that the best month of the year has rolled in. Yes, with the arrival of October. Halloween is also on its way, and college students everywhere will soon be getting prepared for their own holiday adventures. Are you not sure about what to wear? Or how much holiday spirit to show? This list will walk you through all the do’s and don’ts of Halloween scares!

halloween- costumes

DON’T buy a fancy, pre-made costume. Who in their right mind would spend money on an overpriced costume when there are so many awesome DIY Halloween costumes!? Believe me, the extra appeal probably isn’t worth the cost and the discomfort.

DO take the time to make your own costume. In the long run, making the costume will cost infinitely less than buying one, and it really won’t take too much time at all! Of course, if you need any ideas for costumes, just head over to 201 Halloween Costumes: Easy, Fast, Cheap!

DO decorate your dorm room/apartment for the holiday. It’ll make your room a little more unique, and holiday decorations always help to cheer up students!

DON’T go overboard. I can’t even begin to explain how weird it is to walk into someone’s room only to find that it’s been changed into a haunted house. I’ll tell you something, there’s absolutely no way I’d fall asleep with a Freddy Krueger manikin at the foot of my bed.

DO bake pumpkin donuts….they’re absolutely delicious. Or, for those of age, try one of these spiked apple cider cocktails!

DO make sure you spend time with your friends watching a lot of horror movies. Or, if you’re not into scary movies, at least try to watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. These are fantastic holiday traditions, and it gives a great excuse to eat a lot of pumpkin flavored baked goods.

DON’T forget that many professors schedule exams during the week of Halloween. As much of a buzz kill as this can be, it’s still a fact of life. Just try not to forget about your grades.

Most importantly, have fun! Halloween is always a great holiday in college. Whatever you want to dress as, and however you want to decorate your dorm, don’t forget to go out and have a great night. For more ideas on recipes, costumes and decor, visit our Halloween Pin Board. Happy Halloween!

How to carve the perfect pumpkin!

Get your front doors ready by carving some super spooky jack-o-lanterns!

Step 1: Design the carving!
The first step to carving your pumpkin is picking out the right one! You can find great pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch/orchard! If you don’t know where the closest pumpkin patch is located, another common place to find the perfect orange porch ornament is at your local grocery store.

After you have your pumpkin, grad yourself a piece of paper and a permanent marker. Draw out a couple of sketches of your favorite carving on some paper. This allows you to make the perfect design without actually cutting into the pumpkin, so in case you accidentally mess up, the pumpkin is still uncarved.

Once the perfect design is picked, draw the design onto the pumpkin!

Step 2: Remove the insides of the pumpkin
Your jack-o-lantern won’t glow if the inside of the pumpkin isn’t removed! To remove the insides first cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin. Try cutting with your knife at an angle. This will make it easier to pull the top off. After you have dug the knife all the way through the outer later of the pumpkin, and cut the whole, you should be able to see the pumpkin guts!

The pumpkin guts will look stringy and have seeds. It will feel cold and slimey and gooey. That is what needs to be removed! Take out all the seeds and strings and try to make the inside of the pumpkin as smooth as possible. The innards of the pumpkin can be tossed into the trash.

Step 3: Carve into your design
This part is the hardest part. It is also the most dangerous part. It is extremely important to be careful with the utensils you are using to carve!!! Typically, most people will use a sharp knife to cut out their design. (At this time of you, one may usually find a pumpkin carving kit at your local grocery store. These kits usually come with several types of knives to cut out your design, and sometimes with a book full of stencils for designs.)

Take your knife and slowly and carefully cut into the pumpkin. The faster you try to cut your pumpkin, the less control you might have.

Once your design is cut out, clean up the edges and remove any excess marker lines that were drawn.

Step 4: Light your jack-o-lantern!
Finally, after some sweat and tears of carving into your pumpkin, you can take a breather. It is time to light your pumpkin up! Take a small candle and place in inside the pumpkin in the middle. Light the candle and watch it glow! Enjoy the reward of your hard work!

Here are a couple of helpful pumpkin carving links!
Extreme Pumpkin Carving Kit Book
Pumpkin Carving Stencils
Carving Ideas
Pumpkin Carving Tools

With love,
Kat VonD

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Our Top 25 Cheap Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas For a College Budget

Check out our updated page with all of our favorite homemade Halloween costume ideas that fit your college budget!


Some of the bloggers here at eCampus.com put together a list of our top 25 favorite Halloween costume ideas for the college student on a budget! Check these out!!

Artsy Fartsy
Grab some old white clothes and splatter paint across them. Find a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a mixing tray. Find a paint brush and your costume is ready to go.

Magic 8 Ball
Wear all black. Grab 2 pillows, duct tape them around your body (under your black shirt). Draw the number 8 on a piece of printer paper and cut it out into a circle. Tape the piece of paper to your stomach. If people ask to give you a shake, you can just answer them with: “My reply is no.”

Charlie Brown
Every one can recognize Charlie Brown from a mile away! This is perfect for anyone who needs a quick and easy idea! Find or buy any solid yellow t-shirt. Tape zig-zags on the front off the shirt. Throw on a classic pair of black shorts or pants. You will be making the Peanuts proud!

Alan from The Hangover
Boys, let your facial hair grow out (real hard right?) Throw on a pair of khaki pants and a t-shirt. Go to the local goodwill and try to find a baby doll and an over the shoulder baby carrier. Grab some retro glasses and you’ve got yourself ready for a pretty bad hang over!

Playing Card
Anyone trying to gamble? Find two large pieces of cardboard and get creative by painting your favorite playing card on each. Punch holes in tops of the pieces of cardboard. String some yarn through the holes and let the cardboard hang over your shoulders on the front and back of you. You might just hit the jackpot!

Snooki from Jersey Shore
All you truly need is a comb and a full bottle of hairspray! Ladies, grab your shortest, tightest dress. Make sure your push up bra is ready to go! Cover yourself in pounds of bronzer. Poof your hair! Tease, tease, tease your hair! Lots of hairspray! Lots of dark makeup! Throw on your favorite pair of slippers and a margarita to go. Now you’re ready to fist pump all night long!

Put on all black pants and a black long sleeved shirt. Use yellow tape for the road lines going down your body. On both sides of the “road” glue or tape small cars driving up and down. Make sure it’s not rush hour. You might be late to the party!

Pack of 10 Crayons
Take your group of friends and pick your favorite crayon color! Buy a twin sized bed sheet at the store in whatever color! Wrap it around your body. Make 2 stripes on the top and bottom of the sheet around your body with black electrical tape. Take a sharpie and write your favorite color on the sheet once it is wrapped around you. Draw on the Caryola Crayon logo too! Take a piece of construction paper the same color as your sheet and fold it into a cone shape, to make a hat. Crayola ain’t got nothin’ on you!

Bag of Jelly Beans
After buying plenty of bright colored balloons, safety pin the ends to any clothing of your choice. Follow by wrapping the balloons lightly in plastic wrap to give the effect of a bag. You can leave the flavor of coal out of this bag of jellybeans!

Plain Facebook Profile Picture
Everyone has a few friends on their Facebook Friends list who STILL don’t have a profile picture. You know, the white silhouette with the blue background? Yeah, that one! All you have to do is get two pieces of blue poster board. On one of the posters, trace the outline of the silhouette of a guy from the shoulders up. Cut out the silhouette. Before you glue the two pieces of poster board together tape a piece of netting-like white cloth over the cutout. Once the pieces are glued together, slip your head between the cloth and the poster board. Put on an all white outfit. You are now the Facebook profile picture!

Candy Cane
Yes, Halloween is at the end of October, but you won’t be penalized for wearing white after Labor Day! Simply take your white clothing and tape red tape around each leg, your body and arms to look like a candy cane. Add green also if you would like for a little bit of holiday flavor! You can leave the pine needles from the Christmas tree behind!

Old Spice Spokesman
Guys, this is a no brainer- seriously! Throw on your skivvies. Grab your bath towel and wrap it around your waist (just like you got out of the shower). Carry around your bottle of Old Spice body wash. Make sure you flex when you see the ladies!

Rain Cloud
You won’t be raining on anyone’s parade with this costume! The key ingredient is lots and lots of cotton balls. Find old clothes that you don’t wear anymore and glue cotton balls to your whole body, or at least whole upper body. Don’t forget the squirt gun, and add lightning bolts to the cloud as an extra touch.

The iPod Dancer (On the commercials)
Okay, I’m going to set the scene on this one. Party, is lame. Music blasting, no one is dancing. You walk in wearing your all black outfit, with your iPod headphones in your ears and iPod in pocket. Dance your butt off in the middle of the room. Party starts! The solution: you in your iPod Dancer costume!

Quail Man from the TV show Doug
Throw on a pair of khaki shorts. Put on a green t-shirt. Grab a pair of tidy whities and put them on over your shorts and tuck your green shirt into the underwear. With red tape, tape the letter Q to your shirt. Take a red bath towel and tie it around your neck.. To add the perfect finishing touch, take a brown belt and fasten it around your forehead. Perfect!

This is a classic! Take a cardboard box and cut out one side, looking kind of like a TV. Cover that open side with blue plastic wrap and tape fake fish or stickers all over. Don’t forget Nemo and the gang!

The Nerd you cheat off of in class
Take your white oxford and high wasted jeans. Tuck your oxford into your jeans. If you are a girl, put your hair in pigtails. Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the brim of a pair of black glasses. Pack your backpack with your textbooks, pulling the straps as tight as possible to your backpack is securely on your back. Put a couple of pens in your pocket. Make sure your white ankle socks are showing! Also, know that pi equals 3.14159265. Don’t be surprised if someone asks to copy your calculus notes!

Pink Floyd
Attention all last minute costume makers! This costume is for you! For something easy and humorous, wear a simple full pink outfit and add a simple “Floyd” nametag.

Toga! Toga!
Simple, bed sheet. Throw on your bra and undies, ladies. Boys, free ballin’ is not acceptable. Twist the sheet up to make a toga that fits your preference! If people say “oh, real creative, a Greek god/goddess” you can explain to them that you just left the Animal House toga party.
Rubik’s Cube
Find a square box and cut 3 holes in it for your head and arms. Paint the box black. Cut out 9 squares of construction paper in the colors red, yellow, green, blue, white, and orange. Glue or tape the 9 squares onto the box. Poke your head and arms through the holes. Now you are a walking, talking, partying Rubik’s cube!

A 6 Pack of Beer
Grab a group of 5 friends. Each buy a roll or two of duct tape. Strip down to your skivvies and start taping! Wrap your body in the duct tape, excluding your arms (from chest to mid-thigh range). Hop on the Internet and print out the label or your friends’ favorite brew! Tape it on the front and back of your body. I will set the scene: Halloween party, door opens, you and your hot group of friends file in. The party has arrived! Everyone loves it when the beer is brought to the party! Don’t lose your friends though; no one likes a pack of beer when it’s missing a can!!

Leaf Blower
Okay, you’re that dude that just likes to party, no costume necessary… Well you can’t be a walking party foul on Halloween, so just throw on a baseball cap. Cut yourself a piece of yarn about 3 to 4 inches long. Find a leaf or two outside. Tape one side of the yarn to the leaf and the other to the bill of your hat. Let it dangle all night long. When people ask you what you are for Halloween you can tell them that you are a leaf blower, then blow the leaf that is dangling in your face.

The Ghost Everyone Has Seen Before
The most simple and unoriginal idea out there, but nowadays you will rarely see someone dress up as a ghost. Simple, grab a bed sheet, and cut eyeholes in it. Run around like a fool, people will have no problem figuring out what you decided to be for Halloween.

Risky Business
Many people are familiar with the movie scene of Tom Cruise sliding across the family room floor in an oxford, underwear, and calf socks. This scene was featured in the movie Risky Business. The scene has become pretty popular, but the movie is not as noted. Anyways, take a trip to the nearest Goodwill or Walmart. Buy a cheap oxford button down shirt (white), a pair of whitey tidies, and some calf socks. Grab your favorite pair of Ray Bans. You will be the life of the party! I’m sure by the end of the night you will be sliding across the living room floor, that’s risky business..

Typical Tourist
It is easy to spot a tourist on vacation. The classic tourist finds themselves in a Hawaiian shirt (even if they are not in Hawaii), khaki or cargo shorts, sunglasses, and the most essential fanny pack. Goodwill is a savior again! Head over to your local Goodwill and look for the most gaudy Hawaiian shirt you can find, the fanny pack that lets you pack the most, and the biggest most retro pair of glasses on the shelf. Grab your dad’s high dress socks and your favorite pair of sandals! Don’t forget your camera!! As a tourist you will definitely be snapping pics are your Halloween party!

We hope these ideas make your costume a hit this Halloween! We would love to see some pictures! Leave your pics in the comment box!!

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!
With love,
Kat VonD & Korgan

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