eCampus Entourage Wants You!… To Make Some Money

We know your broke, and we want you to be less broke, so we came up with a plan to help you make some money. Today we are launching the eCampus Entourage, the simplest way to make money since you had that little lemonade stand in your parents driveway. You simply go to and sign up. After this you will be given a unique discount code to share with your friends. When they use your code to buy or rent textbooks they get a 5% discount and when they sell textbooks they get an extra $5, in either case you get 5 bucks. Share your code on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can think of. The more times you share it the more it will get used and that means more money for you. Once you have become an entourage member you will be able to track your progress in real-time using the provided tools. Some students will even be able to register this program as an internship for school credit. In addition to the 5 bucks per order the top Entourage members will be awarded prizes for their hard work. We want your help! Sign up today!



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