201 Halloween Costumes: Easy. Fast. Cheap!

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It’s that time of year again: HALLOWEEN! If you’re anything like the typical college then I’m sure you’re on the lookout for fun and unique costumes on a budget. The eCampus.com Blog Team is your official authority on this. You may have seen our “Halloween Costumes on a College Budget” post, or last year’s 151 D.I.Y. Costumes, but this year we are proud to present you with an astounding 201 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Easy. Fast. Cheap. Whether you’re looking for cute couple costumes, fun group ideas, or sassy solo get-ups, we have got you covered this Halloween! We’ve provided directions for each idea, but strongly encourage you to think out of the box and use your own creativity to make these the best costumes ever!

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Taco Bell Sauce

This one can be done solo or as a group. All you need is a really cheap strapless dress (Target cover-ups work great for this), or a colored t-shirt for guys, and colorful duct tape. Put the dress/shirt on and wrap it with the color of your choice. Yellow for mild, orange for hot, green for verde etc. Paint the name of the sauce in white across the top and a white square in the middle. In black write a “saucy” quote (get it?) like you find on the actual packets at the restaurant.

Minion Who wouldn’t want to be one of these little cuties? All you need is a yellow tank top or bandeau, high-waisted jean shorts (you can purchase jeans at goodwill and cut them into shorts to save money), some suspenders from Wal-Mart and some black and gray swim goggles. Another option for the goggles is to use a black headband and glue white Styrofoam cups to the outside. Draw black circles in the cups and place around your head so that the cups point out.

Hershey’s Kiss You’re going to need a lot of aluminum foil, boxers or spanks and a sports bra (for the girls) to put under the foil. Wrap your top half fairly tight in foil and when you get to your lower stomach and buttocks wrap more and more layers to portray the bottom heavy candy better. For your head, purchase some construction paper and roll it into a cone shape, cover with foil and glue a piece of tissue paper to the tip that says “Hershey’s.” This is the sweetest of all costumes!

50 Shades of Grey This one probably isn’t what you’re expecting. First, wear all one shade of gray. Next, go to your local hardware store and grab every paint chip that has a shade of gray on it. Make sure you have at least 50. Glue these all over clothes and you are officially 50 shades of grey.

Amanda Bynes We’re not talking about the original, cute version of this icon. No, no, this costume is referring to her most recent image. You’ll need a white sweatshirt, white sweat pants (cheap at Wal-Mart), a blonde wig you can tease and make look messy and crazy, and finally, 2 sticky rhinestones that you can put on each cheek to look like diamond stud piercings.


halloween costumes, costume ideas, 201 halloween costumes, costume party


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